Academic Rules


  1. Students should maintain discipline in lawns and everywhere in the college.
  2. Any sort of violence will not bearable and violators will be under strict action.
  3. No student could meet to anyone without principal’s permission.
  4. No student could go outside the college without principal’s permission before off time.
  5. Students will have to read the notice board regularly; no students will be get releasement in case of breaking rule or ignoring notification of college.
  6. No students will allow to displacement of furniture and fixture (i.e. chairs, desk or stole etc)
  7. Regularity of uniform is mandatory.
  8. Participation in Extra-Curricular activities is obligatory because it is also a part of study.
  9. Every student should place her I.D card in front of stroll. It is necessary to keep I.D card with you all the times in collage.
  10. College Administrator and Principal have complete right to take a strict action if any student takes part in any illegal activity, make disturbance in educational process, disgrace the college discipline or urge other students for disturbance.
  11. It is unbearable to misbehave or ill-mannered attitude with teachers or staff of college.
  12. Teachers have complete right to care about the rules and discipline along reporting the disobedience to Principal. The students who are reported by teachers will get exemplary punishment and college administrator has complete and special rights in that case.
  13. It is prohibited to keep camera, walkman, transistor or mobile phone in the college premises and college administrator have right to take any decision against it.
  14. It is prohibited to paste papers, brouchers, pampheletes or any other printed material or writing on walls, doors or windows. Punishment is for those who involve in it.
  15. Flowers and birds have more beauty with their natural placement so students will be fined if they pluck flowers.
  16. Students will not be allowed arranging personal parties and for this purpose bringing cooked food in college from home without prior permission.
  17. The students will have no right to come in college in case of irregularity or failure.
  18. It is prohibited to bring children or relatives with you in college.
  19. The students will get strict punishment if captured in case of exploiting explosive.
  20. Waste material should be placed in dustbin. Institute is a spiritual place and should keep the phrase “Cleanliness is Half Faith”.
  21. It is prohibited to sit private or separately in college.
  22. Parents/Guardian should come to meet to principal in case of call because cooperation is necessary for better modulation.
  23. College Gate Keeper performs his duty and have right to check or dialogue that who enter in the college.
  24. Every student is bound to keep all above.

Strict Actions and Punishments

Discipline is given a top priority at times. Therefore we have a well documented discipline policy which aims to ensure that a healthy and educationally productive environment, for staff and students, is provided and maintained. The policy also be managed. Being enrolled at Times each student assumes an obligation to act in accordance with generally accepted standards of responsible behavior, which includes respect of fellow students and other members of the Times community.


The disciplinary problems listed below will be followed by the issue of a warning letter to the student:

        • Being in the campus wearing incorrect uniform or without proper grooming.
        • Bunking classes.
        • Absence from class assessment.
        • Inappropriate use of computers.
        • Behavior hampering the learning process in the class.
        • Violation of library rules.
        • Littering in the college premises.

Gross misconduct will be followed by immediate suspension or expulsion.

        • Physical fights, including the involvement of gangs
        • Misusing, damaging or vandalizing campus property
        • Theft
        • Being in possession of a weapon, mobile phone or any objectionable material.
        • Fraud or falsification of college records and data
        • Cheating in examinations and plagiarism
        • Seriously unruly or disruptive behavior in class room, anywhere in the campus premises or elsewhere where there is a direct relation between an activity and the college
        • Being under the influence or harassing others
        • Repeated disregard of the code of conduct and persisting in misbehavior in spite of being issued a warning letter
        • Unauthorized representation of college in any manner.

If this code of conduct is neglected or ignored, appropriate disciplinary procedures will be followed.