About Us

Launching of Times College is an auspicious beginning of a conducive and general environment, most requisite for imparting education.

Bertrand Russell said:
“Education may be defined as the formation by means of instruction, of certain mental habits and a certain outlook on life and the world”.

Times College aspires to provide very favorable suitable, study oriented, well guided circumstances to students to achieve the real aim of education. Edifice and faculty two fundamental necessities that are most cared for aspects of Times College.

Times College aims to instruct the students at Inter, Degree and Post Graduate level to the utmost satisfaction of the students to acquire the sublime destination that students aspire to get.

Institutions have not remained anymore the place where individuals are educated rather crowds and herds are driven with one and the same outworn method of instruction. In this college individual problems of the students will be focused, and their personal problems will also be kept in view.

Times College offers the students, well furnished, well equipped, airy, air conditioned, highly sophisticated class rooms, library, computer labs moreover disciplined and student friendly atmosphere.

The most demonstrative spirits in the college would be the religion and ideology of Pakistan . So that to build up the character of our future generations we have to see that they are fully qualified and equipped to play their part in various branches of economic & social life. In a manner which well do honor to Pakistan.