Examination Rules

  1. Mobiles and any sort of Cellular Devices are strictly not allowed in the Examination Hall. Otherwise strict necessary action will be taken.
  2. Students are directed to be seated 30 minutes before the start of exam according to the roll numbers on seats in the Examination Hall. After that Hall door will be closed.
  3. No one can start reading the question paper before permitted to do so. Answer books will be provided officially.
  4. No one can leave the Hall before half time.
  5. No talking /noise inside Hall.
  6. Don’t bring any book, notebook or any other written material inside Hall.
  7. No one can see towards others during the paper. The paper will be cancelled at-once if any one will be found guilty of copying/cheating or trying to copy/cheat from any material or from others.
  8. Bring your own pen/ ball-point / see-through ruler/ eraser/ rubber etc. No one can barrow any thing from others in the Hall. These things can be brought in plastic/ see-through pencil box. (The use of lead pencil is not allowed).
  9. No one will be allowed to go to Washroom during paper.
  10. Strict compliance of above rules will be ensured.